• Luxe elevated basics + denim for the C A lifestyle

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Luxe elevated basics + denim for the C A lifestyle

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Back to Business. New Location In Garberville CA.

Your favorite boutique has been in Sebastopol for the last two years but we are back!  So excited to be back in Garberville where my retail journey began more than 10 years ago when I started my children's boutique, Li'l Sproutz Boutique.

Located at 432 Church Street in Garberville.

Hey Mama! Missing the old you? The BC (before-children) you?

• I've been there!  As mothers and busy women we are always on the go, meeting everyone else's needs.

• It feels like we have little time for ourselves.  And the "old" us? The pre-kids version of ourselves? 

• She is there ladies!  I promise! 

• That's why I created Indigo. 

• I believe when we dress in styles that fit amazing and are made from quality fabrics, we can look and feel great even in basic outfits. 

• What we wear affects our energy!

• Don't let another day go by feeling like your just not yourself! 

• Walk out the door knowing you 'nailed it!' and feeling like a million bucks. 

• Great fitting jeans can do that!

Tired of jeans that don't fit?

1. Reach out by using our contact form.

2. We will listen to your needs and create custom recommendations.

3. Purchase the items from our website here and they will be delivered directly to your home.

We are starting a movement!

Join us as we help other mothers in lifting one another up!  We are here as cheerleaders to support you in the movement to put ourselves first.  This means we need to take time to heal, take time to connect, take time to rest, and definitely take time to take care of ourselves in order to feel like us again.  Ladies!  It is time to stop feeling guilty about spending on ourselves for clothing that makes us feel wonderful.  Enough mom guilt!  Let's do this!  We would love to support you in finding wearable, everyday styles and elevated basics that help you feel great. Clothes are an expression of how we feel, and what's going on in your life.  What we wear affects our energy!   Especially after the quarantine! Guys... that was A LOT!  Everything was on our shoulders.  I don't know about you but I think us Mama's need a big healing after that.  We believe that when your wearing quality clothing that fits great then you feel ready to take on the world!  Yes! Great jeans can do that!